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This lighting company has even come to cooperate with Philips?

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This lighting company has even come to cooperate with Philips?

发布日期:2019-04-30 点击:

 Sharing two young lamps outside the door, raised a million yuan (NTT, the same below) to switch to street lights, six years of relying on enthusiasm and accurate vision, become a supplier of street lamps in 12 countries or regions, the world famous lighting factory Philips Also come to learn from cooperation.

Zhuohe Lighting, looking for LED light business opportunities many years ago, found that the high-efficiency, low-energy "ceramic complex metal lamp" is only used for shopping mall lighting. It is a pity to develop and use the reflector to improve the brightness and turn it into a street light.
Because the street light source has high efficiency and brightness, it is better than LED lights. The popularity is gradually opened in the world. The mainland, the Philippines, Myanmar and other manufacturers have come to Taiwan to place orders. Some people in the Middle East have come to inquire. Philips sees the company's creativity and decides to cooperate. Become an upstream supplier, and specially send people to learn a middle door.
Seeing Shenzhen Zhuohhe Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., mastering unique technology, most of the layers of commissioned OEM, assembly, the annual turnover of 100 million, this Dutch lighting manufacturers admire the heart, praise its creativity.
Success is not accidental. For example, Sinosteel used street lamps of well-known American businessmen for more than ten years. At a price of more than 20,000 yuan, he recommended himself to Zhonggang Maoma five years ago, except that the price is one quarter of foreign products, brightness and durability. The degree is also better, "use it to see."
At first, Sinosteel had doubts about the products, and with no visibility, it gave Zhuohe’s lighting a test question;
Zhuohe Lighting knows that the opportunity has come. The installation of street lamps is free for the trial of Sinosteel. The result is very resistant. It has not been bad for more than three years. Let Zhonggang try it out as a customer. The entire park will be replaced by Xingtaiguang street lamps every year.
Zhuohe's lighting actuates 2,300 street lamps, saving an average of two kilowatts of electricity. It can save nearly 4 million yuan in electricity a year and reduce 100,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide. The government has saved nearly three thousand years of electricity for seven consecutive years. Ten thousand purchases help the government save energy and reduce carbon, creating a win-win situation.