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LED logo sign full solution

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LED logo sign full solution

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LED signage signs generally play a guiding role. In front of a group of particularly good buildings that are brightened and beautified, a beautiful and stylish signage can often be used as a icing on the cake, with decoration, guidance and advertising. A variety of features as one of the identification signs, has become an important part of outdoor advertising.
Identification signs are classified by shape:
1, horizontal: the entire proportion of the horizontal is relatively long. Generally the entire surface is used as an identification sign. It is generally visible on the walls of small shops and large buildings.
2, vertical: the entire proportion is relatively long. Generally the entire surface is used as an identification sign.
3, protruding: on the wall surface of the building, except for the entire surface of the back or with two sides of the wall, both sides are used as the identification sign of the advertising carrier. For example, a three-sided flip sign.
4. Column shape: A horizontal, vertical, and three-dimensional identification sign marked on certain fixed structures on the ground.
5, roof type: refers to the installation of some fixed structures on the roof of a building, and the shape of the square or illusory identification signs hanging or attached on it.
The signage is classified by material:
1, smooth identification signs: the screen or board is oily, very smooth.
2, luminous material identification signs: use luminous materials card (that is, we usually say neon).
3. Acrylic label: The main material of the board is made of acrylic material. For example, "McDonald's acrylic logo"!
4. Metal signage: In the case where there is no special designation, metal is used as the main material of the board or the text of the sign and the metal is used as the main carrier of the mark.
5, electro-optic plate identification signs: the use of light-emitting diodes or luminous tubes to achieve monochrome or color performance. According to the light-emitting diode and expression, it can be divided into five types: night photoelectric panel, LCD, LED, CRT, FDT.
The signage is classified by usage:
Different time: A. Lighting: For day and night use, install a luminous tube inside the signage or install a spectrometer inside and install an illumination lamp on the outside of the signage. B. No lighting: There is no separate purpose for day and night use, no lighting facilities.
Different locations: A, indoor: set indoors, such as direction arrows, indoor reception, etc. B. Outdoor: It is located in all non-indoor spaces.
Different purposes: A, business: generally refers to the establishment of business purposes. B. Public: Located in a public place, to announce a message to the public or to publish certain information.
In terms of traffic signs: the number of cars in the city has increased by several hundred every day, and the road resources are getting less and less. For the reasonable layout of traffic signs, increasing traffic monitoring, one-way streets and time-limited lines, etc., signboards are needed to remind people. note. There is absolutely no shortage of signs in the connection and conversion between various transportation facilities.
Location setting rules, area identification setting rules, travel identification setting rules, color design rules, design rules of the design rules service organization, and the improvement of the periodic identification system supervision mechanism, comprehensive analysis, analysis of the environment, understanding of regional culture, local customs, construction Comprehensive analysis of the factors such as style, urban personnel status, road conditions, citizen quality, regional status, number of tourists, etc., determine the overall planning of the city identification system, and then regional subdivision.
Special emphasis should be placed on the layout--reasonable: even distribution; clear and smooth primary and secondary: clear and clear; step-by-step smooth and comprehensive: everything goes well and everything is comprehensive.