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This LED light can both illuminate and kill mosquitoes

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This LED light can both illuminate and kill mosquitoes

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 Summer is coming, are you ready to go to the mountains, camping by the sea, swimming and playing?

Friendly reminder, be sure to prepare for anti-mosquito before going, otherwise you will be crying!
When it comes to anti-mosquito methods, what is essential for wind oil and peppermint oil, but this is a means of prevention or mitigation. Is there any more active mosquito repellent measures? Obviously, you can't get an insecticide, and it's useless to open up the environment. You need a gadget like Mosquito Zapper Lantern.



Nani? This is not an outdoor light that can be hung. Yes, Mosquito Zapper Lantern is indeed an LED light, but not only because it kills mosquitoes.


Above the LED bulb, Mosquito Zapper Lantern's mosquito repellent part, like many mosquito repellent lamps, first emits the light that mosquitoes like, attracts the mosquitoes, and then slams, the mosquitoes are killed by 1000 volts of electricity. Although simple and rude, it is very powerful.


  When camping, hang Mosquito Zapper Lantern on the tree beside the tent at night, and you won't be afraid that piles of mosquitoes will target you. They will rush to Mosquito Zapper Lantern and then ascend to heaven.

 Of course, Mosquito Zapper Lantern is also a portable outdoor LED light. The built-in hook can be easily hung anywhere. The third brightness can achieve 30, 90 and 180 lumens respectively, and the 2000mAh battery has a longest battery life of 20 hours.

 So, how does Mosquito Zapper Lantern kill a bunch of mosquitoes to clean the body? Don't worry, it has IPX6 protection and can be easily washed. In addition, any mobile power source can charge it, not afraid of sudden power loss.

  Such a convenient and easy to use multi-function mosquito killer is undoubtedly an outdoor camping artifact, helping you to more actively eliminate those "vampires". Its price is also very approachable, and it can be bought for 19 dollars (about RMB 131).。