Quality is the life of the company. Zhuohe Lighting Technology has won long-term customer trust with strict quality management and quality products.

Our sales outlets cover many provinces and regions across the country.

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    Sports lights SL01

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            Shenzhen Heshine Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is composed of a number of senior LED lighting designers. With rich experience in LED lighting product design, strong design team and perfect supply chain management team, we have won a number of product design patents. We focus on product R & D and precision manufacturing, and are able to provide high-power electronic chips, high-power LED lighting and other excellent cooling technology solutions and product...

      Why Choose Us?


      Brand advantage

      Providing high-power chips and high-power LED lighting 

      Focusing on product R & D and precision manufacturing


      Quality advantage

      Warranty commitment: 5 years warranty, lifetime maintenance.

      Product testing: The certification of the authority of the Ministry of Public Security.

      Return policy: Unconditional return and exchange of unsatisfied products.


      Service advantage

      R & D: Independent development & design team, product customization acceptable.

      Pre-sales: Providing the best product selection plan, free testing, on-site guidance.

      After-sales: Regular returnvisits, free repair and replacement within 7 days.


      Products advantage

      Appearance design: Independent mold design

      Reliability design:Outdoor products: waterproof IP65; anti-collision IK10

      Light distribution design:Various optical angles, multi-field use, PC secondary optics.



      “Quality priority, Customer first.”

      Case studies below will give you an idea of how Heshine Lighting provides cost-effective and efficient lights.

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        LED high bay light installation LED high bay lights are widely used, and many manufacturers do not know enough about the heat dissipation of high-power LED high bay lights. With the wide application of
      • 03

        what are the important paramet LED street light cooling kit manufacturers: What are the important parameters of LED lighting? 1. Forward working current If: It refers to the forward current value of t
      • 03

        How to solve the problem that t Maybe we still dont know that the dead light phenomenon mentioned by professionals is the non-lighting situation of led lamp beads that we often encounter in our daily l